I believe Arts are the best psychiatrist in the world.
Essentially, the arts are taken in through the five senses, and through the sixth sense , you search for the concept.
Of course, I have concepts in both my procedures and in each of my works.
However, I have never even tried to write my concept since I wanted my audience to feel it through my work itself.

I want each of my guests to take what they think and feel by looking at my works.
Put in simply, that is my basic concept.

– Contemplation

Now I’d like to tell you MY concepts on my productions.

Why do I cut words of Voltair?
I am not into his work.
I respect him but I was attracted to his life not works.
Baudelaire is the same.
I’m not interested in his poetry.
However his life draws my interest.
He carried out his intention although he was shown contempt.

There is something that people in the past had but that we lack today.

“Carry out your intention” that’s what we lack today.

Never Giving Up.

I often picture flowers.
Presenting what I saw and its sensations with black and white.
In one way, it is an Aoyama style photography.

“If my eyes can take a photo, it shows like this. that was how beautiful they were”
That is what I want to cut.
and those flowers have lives, of course they will die down in the end.
No one can show how beautiful the moment of those flowers were.
The meaning of life.
life and death. and rebirth.
that’s what I draw through my paper and scissors.

I show my feeling towards those who collect butterflies just for their desires.
The feeling also includes for animals that were killed only to be stuffed specimen or to be furs.
Don’t display dead lives, my paper butterflies are beautiful enough!
I’m looking for empathy, not lodgement.

I want to recreate the Earth, which was pure and beautiful what we have lost today.

I hope people can forget their pain and suffer for a moment by looking at my works.
I imagine arts exist for this moments.

If you have passion within your spirit,
People can keep shining, keep on living.

There is no need to look for the reasons of our life, take the chance of living now and devote yourself into something.
I believe we achieve happiness then.

My concept of kirie art is sent in many directions.


蒼山日菜 Kirie Laboratory