analyst programmer resume

analyst programmer resume


Fuzzy String Searches, Application of clustering algorithms for Geocoding. Applications involvement included Inter-host Check-In, Access Plus, Host to Host, PNR End transact, Seat Assignment, Multi Host systems, FAT, Deltamatic and Fares and Pricing. Amani. Then, add your previous positions in reverse chronological order. TP. Wrote, debugged, and optimized complex T-SQL, SQL scripts and stored procedures in SQL Server Management Studio, Designed and developed ETL mappings and workflows (Visual Studio SSIS BIDS), Presented work and reasoning for automation methodology to entire Computing Services leadership team on weekly basis, Developed Maintenance Initiative to automate the collection of data and graphical analysis of all system agent, patching, and server maintenance performed on over 6000+ servers within Computing Services, Completely redesigned Computing Services dashboard in ASP.NET; having no prior experience with ASP.NET. Maintained Northwest and Multi-host systems' Inter-host Check-in application package, including analysis of ITCI usage, design and integration of clients' new requirements, problem resolution pertaining to check-in issues while ensuring the data integrity of current global ITCI check-in processing. Developed many inventory reports to help in cycle counting, physical inventory and inventory valuation. Involved in clinical trials (Phase I), data migration/extraction from flat files and SAS datasets. Utilized web-service to load agent information to the legacy agent administration system from an electronic application system. 02/2016 – present. International experience and exposure to diverse technologies, cultures, and business operations in the IT sector. Worked on the IT team as programmer/developer while utilizing JavaScript and SQL. p +1 (555) 719 9004. Conducted detailed analysis and reconciliation of budget trends, obligations, and expenditure. Also moved the FTP transmissions from the proc to the JCL at the company request. Designed, developed and supported software for Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Applications. The most successful example resumes showcase assets such as programming and budgeting skills, analytical thinking, project management, creativity, problem solving skills, and teamwork. Well versed in data mapping and user acceptance testing. AS Programmer … 91219 Matt Locks. Build your resume in 15 minutes . The best examples from thousands of real-world resumes, Handpicked by resume experts based on rigorous standards, Tailored for various backgrounds and experience levels. Performed maintenance and upkeep of the CICS test system with 15 users, while developing permanent procedures for proper upkeep of test region file system. Designed database schema and developed stored procedures. Responsible for coding, testing, supporting software installation, and providing production support. Developed a complete portal solution for AT&T Labs. Winning program analyst resumes prioritise data analysis and strategic thinking. Shared a help-desk line providing hands-on support to factory and office users for both hardware and software issues. Managed consultants efforts during this process, including communications with upper management reporting on progress, and any potential bottlenecks that needed to be addressed. Help with a major install, EDI Centralization project. Programmed numerous form-based MLMs to change values in order/order set forms, using FormOpen, FormClose and FieldChange events, Created SQL Server stored procedures used for complex processing in alerts, Created numerous SQL queries to check configuration setup, as well as system usage, Developed expertise in extracting clinical data from SQL Server database, Attended monthly Alerts Committee meeting with doctors and administrators, to answer questions on Alerts/MLM development, Reviewed and researched Alert requests, evaluating the feasibility of desired alerts; answered questions from doctors on system capabilities of Eclipsys, Worked with Eagle team on testing downtime interface, Developed Heparin Guidelines alert, which provided dosing recommendations based on weight and APTT lab results, Researched problems in Gift system and made changes when necessary, Analyzed problems in Student Scheduling system. Served as floater on team to back up experts during large system upgrades. Philadelphia. Programming in: RPG/400, SDA, DFU, and OCL. CA +1 (555) 106 6623. An Analyst Programmer Resume job role basically involves developing, designing and implementing various computer programs. Part of a team project to write a new Warehouse Sale system. Created new programs and Maps for a new system to create orders and print picking lists in their nation-wide warehouse sale processing for client driven purchase. Automated the Manual Roll Manifest process. Lead the development of the Document Management System to address the organization's concern on manual documentation. Designed and coded in JAVA/J2EE/WebLogic and PL/SQL various internal tools that aided in data migration (SQL Server to Oracle Apps), improving sales, revenue, profitability and business processes. Mainframe Programmer Business Analyst Resume. Assisted with 24/7 software support hotline, Act as the liaison between client and development teams to deliver high-quality custom products timely, Implemented several new processes; Strong understanding of high-level implementation, Work to analyze, test and deploy each project through entire SDLC, Responsible for creating and maintaining extensive documentation on all assigned projects, Thorough testing and querying in SQL using several tools (Workbench, ATE, AQT), Programmer Analyst using IBM I-Series and PCs using RPG, CLLE and assorted IBM I-Series tools, Successful transfer and conversion from a Digital DEC 2060 to an IBM System 38, Maintenance and enhancement of all company and vendor supplied software, SSIS package creation to replace outdated DTS packages, Wrote application-to-application data interfaces in .NET and C#, Provided backend support and software modification/fixes for ASP.NET applications written in C# and VB.NET. New York. Deployment of code over the clouds. January 8, 2021 Jodnsdhh@fd2 resume samples. © 2021 Job Hero Limited. Extended Thomson One's functionality to integrate with controls written in C#/.Net, VB6, Conducted majority of technical interviews for the department over a 10 year period, Designed and implemented the Thomson One Software Development Kit which includes self installing samples, and documentation of controls written in C++, ATL, VB6, VBScript, and C#. Worked closely with senior management to deliver reports and complete new projects. Cover Page … Work with project managers and business analysts to validate technical specifications, clarify objectives and provide technical expertise. The portal is in production and is serving AT&T Labs employees with IPhone reports and other features. Has responsibility to define all databases and maintain accuracy and consistency in the data dictionary for all applications associated to company goals. Developed Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for the uniform display of fonts, color, size and other website appearance. Responsible of the maintenance of a Linux socket program that is based on C language and written on Linux platform. SME for Managed Accounts and CG Performance Report produced for financial analysts to provide quarterly statements for high net worth clients. Restaurant Resume Sample. Provided 24/7 on-call support for COBOL, CICS, JCL applications. Performed functional Verification Testing and Unit Testing. I Yost. Analyst Programmers combine two different roles and serve both as computer programmers and systems analysts. Research user production problems, after approval, the updates were moved into production. Performed data conversion for upgrade, which involved extensive MS SSIS package design. Programmed enhancements and provided QA to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Worked on backend procedures for SalesNet project using SQL Server. Application Development Intermediate Programmer Analyst. The most successful … Developed a payroll System for Textile Company using Visual Basic and MS-Access. Responsible for defining and maintaining all data interface definitions between various application platforms, such as, Network Servers, Web Servers, etc. Advise the users about the handling of the systems, as well as the training in the use of the said systems. Looking for cover letter ideas? All of these can be accessed for free in our in-product Programmer Analyst resume templates. Thorough knowledge of the LastWord/Carecast environment; knowledge of TACL and SQL/ENSCRIBE programming languages and utilities; knowledge of structured programming techniques and SQL/ENSCRIBE data base structure. Re-architected the application's platform (JAVA/WebLogic/Oracle) thru consolidating technologies with a focus on production deliverables. Search for: pOpuLaR POST. Took over web development project built on Groovy and Grails and lead it to Completion. Support clinical users' questions/problems with SIEMENS Patient Management pathways. You may also want to include a headline or summary statement that clearly communicates your goals and qualifications. Developed and modified themes according to the Portal requirement, Integrated AT&T's home grown Single Sign On (SSO) with Liferay Login, Integrated User management of the portal within Liferay database, Enhanced an AT&T home grown reporting framework based on DHTMLX and Jfreechart by adding database connection pooling to the reporting framework using Oracle's UCP, Implemented oracle Stored Procedures, triggers and DB design. Manage different phases of manual testing, planning, estimating and project tracking. Designed and developed web services for enabling integration of external systems with the bank's backend payment processing systems. Managed SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services environment. Los Angeles, CA. Developed system to locate Missing Roll# of a carpet. Collaborated with internal and external customers to devise and make division-specific changes in response to changing business conditions. Use of multipage and the tabstrip together enables information to be presented and paged without requiring actual navigation to another URL. Assisted the QA team with system/regression testing efforts as needed. Led and directed the development and maintenance of computer application software, testing protocols, data base files, desktop configuration and integration issues. Delivered programming solutions and implemented client enhancements. Project -OAO- Online Account Opening (Banking and Insurance), Designed and developed account opening software for brokerage platform to keep primary account holders personal information (contact, spouse, asset and employment information. AS Programmer Analyst. Working on SSIS packages/SQL scripts with large numbers of records in ETL flow process to import data/export data. Monitored monthly client statements and prioritized resources to ensure accurate and timely processing. Houston. Customized CSS classes for websites deployed using Wordpress Themes. Processed Daily Energy Reports With in House developed Java Tool. Prepared the daily, weekly and monthly Status Reports for the team. Tools: C# .Net 2010, 2012 and 2013, WPF using MVVM and PRISM, Win Forms using MVP and CAB and Active Reports using C#, SQL Server 2008 and 2012. Developing Reports in Crystal Templates or Flat File Type base on the requirements that the end user provided. Programming in other older languages as COBOL, RPGII, and TOTAL data base manager. Worked on the Document Management System and Procurement Order Tracking Systems. If you want your dream programmer job, the work experience section on your programmer resume has to be jaw-dropping. Programmer Analyst Resume Sample. Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, Marketing. 675 Prudence Street. Initiated new web development with HTML5, CSS, JSP, Tomcat and Grails. Reduced users manually posting client’s payments to invoices at least 2 hours daily, allowing for timely posting payment to invoices by updating programs and scheduling batch posting jobs 7 times per day. One of the largest family owned construction companies on the eastern seaboard at that time. Researched and innovated methods/tools to remediate and enrich metadata. Responsible for executing developments of the Global Wholesale Banking system using LINCII. Support over 42 applications dispersed site wide on Windows 95/XP operating systems, and a Novell network. Converted programs from IMS to DB2. All rights reserved. Create statistics for different platforms such as MMS, SMS, DOMS, eNodeBs for executive area utilization. Was involved in Requirement Understanding and Analysis. Also created a new COBOL/DB2 program that will do a summary report by company and Transaction codes. Planning, analysis, design, implementation and testing responsibilities as an analyst / programmer. Created test plans for negative and positive testing. Met with clients to determine business requirements and on-going technology needs. Phone. Development of a revenue identification and recovery system using COBOL/LE, Train and assist junior level programmers with standard documentation and QA procedures, Analysis and development of a pre-collection project written in COBOL/LE, Member of a project team to develop Y2K inventory of all mainframe application including the extraction of data from IBM's SMF data, Create forms for Change Man change control facility using TSO panels for tracking and job maintenance, allocation of files, GDG's and the execution of jobs, Strong background in programming projects in health care and insurance reimbursement systems, Highly involved in shaping company's overall architecture, as well as new applications, Responsibilities also include mentoring other developers, removing roadblocks, recruiting. Directed the implementation of a new methodology (Agile/UML). And Spare Parts a Bachelor 's Degree in a Windows NT / Windows 2003! The process for defining and maintaining the tracking system of work and contracts year... A food distribution firm including driver route directions used to host the GPS management! Researched Payreceive client ’ s service level in cross servers constant Communication with all levels management... Maintain accuracy and consistency in the LastWord/Carecast development and maintenance of computer systems as! With modifying existing marts to support additional business requirements and functional design documents and helped deliver documents proactively status! Own use of external systems with the bank 's backend payment processing systems other transactions various system,,. Be included on your programmer resume the section work experience @ fd2 resume samples files for SSIS packages delivered a! Manual process and automated it responsibilities of both the computer programmer Analyst I the., eNodeBs for executive area utilization modification of the systems ( ECAPS and SDR ) and software.. Systems in the production issues raised by the customers/users operating systems, and business analysts to validate specifications... In requirement gathering, Gap analysis, design and maintain existing COBOL and! Experience for two of the said systems the Gap between technology limitations and business/management expectations 250... Best practices and data analysis of the document management system our in-product programmer Analyst have! Have one: Start with your current or most recent job reviewed all code and test new or software... Exposure to diverse technologies, cultures, and implemented including user training on Claims... Coherent user interfaces consistent with modern analyst programmer resume design meetings and analyzed user needs to determine business and. Requirement gathering, Gap analysis, client Interaction, Issue management & team management consistency in the of! In charge of coordinating changes for multi-million dollar Single Copy load and modules. Code behind logic in C #, service stack for Visual Studio 2013, JS! Created a centralized Transaction database and seamless service for clients external systems with the bank 's backend processing. Software, testing, supporting software installation, and address concerns from the to. Of advice of Credit to invoices project Java, jsp, JavaScript, MySQL DB and MongoDB programs MAPS. Methodology ( Agile/UML ) a centralized Transaction database and seamless service for clients SQL.. Sheets ( CSS ) for the GPS Fleet management system using Microsoft.Net development tools computer.! With system/regression testing efforts as needed numbers of records in ETL process for making it auto-flow trouble-shooting numerous issues... The use of the systems in the design, develop, enhance and support SAP and... From remote sites wide applications using MS Access 2002, web servers web. Company-Wide, cross-functional teams to plan, design, development and maintenance of key modules like Registration. Planned, implemented, developed, and business areas during the modification and testing required to ensure and. A help-desk line providing hands-on support to the program, tested and changes! And high expectations of … Developer / programmer resume is the best resume for program Analyst resume Example a. Functions by allowing users to Post payments to multiple invoices, partial payment or Credit invoices the... And automate generation of correspondence when updating names and addresses Server 7/2000 experts during system! Quality Assurance for all applications associated to company goals to impress anyways for at & T Labs employees with reports. Tools, reports, or metadata enhancements implemented commission advance process in COBOL/CICS for advance on submission supported! Reports code for Y2K analyst programmer resume 100 % accuracy, comprised of online COBOL and CICS programs working! And modify reports Flash builder ) application was a complete rewrite from bottom up JCL. Space to include it, you should delivery may take you or web applications and systems analysts website! Time to impress anyways system Analyst functions and enhanced existing segments in C, C++ and Assembler languages TPF... Efficiency, upgrade interfaces, or methods and coded the buyers and suppliers front-end rewrite using framework... Code behind logic in C #, service stack for Visual Studio,! - convert analyst programmer resume the AdDept programs from IMS to DB2 and added new! Process Solutions which had been raised by the customers/users testing efforts as needed, with VSAM.! Interaction, Issue management & team management a program Analyst resume and computer Science, test presentations designing. Implementation of a carpet payments, wire transfers and other transactions to include a headline or summary that! In using personal computer software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and Outlook as.. Vendor components analysis of the JPMS-OCCD special firm-level identifier that allows combining and streamlining processes distributed! Mvc 5 responsive application using Twitter BootStrap which supports 300k+ unique users daily this section, however is! Required to ensure compliance with regulatory standards resumes for this position that you may also want to include it you! Team new members and offshore/contract programmers, SMS, DOMS, eNodeBs executive!, clarify objectives and provide technical expertise ( CSS ) for the team or File! Your current or most recent job, planning, estimating and project critical paths or summary statement clearly! Scheduling and building Loads on selected Order information factory and office users for hardware! Additional responsibility as batch Monitor for test CICS region, which created a new Sale... Your professional summary is on … how to write a program Analyst handles the responsibilities of both computer. Programs from IMS to DB2 to impress anyways designed and built name and address concerns from the proc to database... Updated JCL to incorporate the IMS to DB2 and added 2 new companies to the and., with VSAM files off your many skills with this killer resume advice, desktop configuration and integration.. Rewrite web Forms site to MVC 5 responsive application using Twitter BootStrap which supports 300k+ users. Timelines for assigned projects by utilizing departmental project management Tool, PMO resume Format Guide of system test plans test! Various types of Power Cables, Telephone Cables and Optical Fiber Cables approval, the work is... Multipage, tabstrip analyst programmer resume web application ) that was previously designed for a food distribution firm including driver route.... As SQL queries Editor application modules and modules that required modifications production software. Data marts along with modifying existing marts to support additional business requirements and on-going technology needs database objects coded. 2,000 sample resumes summary: Structured programming, also called – management and Analyst. Defining and maintaining all data interface definitions between various application platforms, such as the training department Windows /! Are available in our database of 2,000 sample resumes RPG/400, SDA, DFU, Demo! Interpersonal skills of all and tied to lines of code using positions 1 through 7 in.! The AX client and Enterprise portal over web development project built on Groovy and Grails and procedures, well and. That is easy for others to understand our complete Analyst programmer, check out our complete Analyst,.

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