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Hina Aoyama

Born in Yokohama, Japan, in 1970, Hina Aoyama moved to France in the early 90s where she started the paper cutting art. 

After living and cutting there for 20 years, she finally returns to Japan in 2012 where she pursued her career as an artist and teacher. 

Using carbon paper to copy pictures from catalogs, she started to learn how to cut, with a small pair of scissors, white parts of images while leaving black lines and create art. 

She then became obsessed with it and never stopped cutting, up until now. What was first intriguing to her, became her passion before becoming her life. 

After a little while, she chose to use origami paper (thinest paper in the market) with double faces (black and white), drawing and cutting her designs in the white part to get the result from the black part. 

Because the details were so high, European gallerists and artists called it a “lace paper cut art”.

During her career in France, Hina had the honor to exhibit at “Le Salon Des Artistes Français” where Van Gogh and Monet had exhibited also. 

The following year, and the year after, she won the Gold Medal at the international competition in Cannes. 

Her masterpiece “Voltaire” then won the top prize at the Paper Triennial Musse de Charmey, being the first Asian to ever win a prize there. 

All these successful events attracted many Japanese TV channels and magazines. Transforming Hina Aoyama from the artist, to a celebrity in the world of art. 

Exhibiting now all across the globe (Brazil, England, USA, France, Switzerland, Canada, Japan…) and published in more than 15 different art catalogs or books, Hina’s works are now a reference in the world of paper cut. 

This year (2021) 5 of her master-pieces will move across the United States in multiple museums for 4 years.


Exhibition history

  • 2019/10: 311 Juku Charity Exhibit
    2020: Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art
    2019/10/1~: Charity EXIHIBITION at Uwajima, Ehime, Japan
    2019: Kiri-e used in the MIKIMOTO collection catalog and in the video.
    2019: Oita City Art Museum, Japan
    2019: Kobe Fashion Museum, Kobe, Japan
    2018: Fukuoka Prefectural Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan
    2018: Shimodate Museum of Art, Ibaraki, Japan
    2017: Mizuno Art Museum, Nagano, Japan
    2017: Urasoe Art Museum, Okinawa, Japan
    2016: Currier Museum of Art NY USA
    2014: Exhibition of Hina Soyama and her students, Kirie no Mori Museum of Art
    2014: Cornell Museum of Art & American Culture USA
    2013: Berkshire Museum Massachusetts USA
    2012: Koudaiji Temple, Kyoto (dedication of works)
  • 2007/10: WTO World Trade Organization, Geneva, Switzerland
    2007/3: Biennale ART FORUM MONTREUX Montreux Art Fair, Montreux, Switzerland
    2006/10: Invited Exhibition at Hotel les Nations GENEVA Switzerland Performance
    2005/11: Exhibition at the Embassy of Japan in Bern, Switzerland
    2005/10: The 216th Le Salon, ParisLe Salon des Artistes Francais2005/7: Solo Exhibition Ferne. VoltaireThe exhibition was organized by the city of Paris. Invited solo exhibition. The exhibition attracted a lot of attention and was featured in five newspapers.2005/3: Textbook edition of NHK “Conversation in French” (April 2005 – March 2006)Hina Aoyama provided a cutout picture for the large door in the booklet.
  • 2012: Isetan Shinjuku, Tokyo
    2012: NG Gallery Sydney Australia
    2012: Christoper Henry Gallery NYC USA
    2011: Kirie Of The World In JAPAN 2011
    2011: Kirie Of The World In Japan, the first Kirie exhibition in Japan produced by Hina Aoyama at Kirie no Mori Museum of Art
    2011: Yokohama Takashimaya Department Store
    2011: Museum für Druckkunst Leipzig, Germany
    2010: PORTA, Kyoto
    2010: Nagoya Midland Square, Japan
    2010: Kawada Gallery, Tokyo
    2010: KOP Museum, The Netherlands
    2009/10: Bellerive Museum Zurich Switzerland
    2009/9: Gallery Ferme de la Chapelle Geneva Switzerland
    2009/9: Kobe Art Marche 2009 from Masazi Art Gallery
  • 2008/9: The 30th Anniversary of the Japan Kirie Association / The 150th Anniversary of the Japan-France Exchange Program “Japan Kirie Art ExhibitionBertin Poiré Gallery2008/9: Program for the 150th Anniversary of Japan-France Exchange “J- ARTS Exhibition” produced by Hina AoyamaLoire Region TOURS DE FRANCE2008/7-8: Program for the 150th anniversary of Japan-France relations [Le Japon, Pays du Soleil Levant
    Exhibition of prints by five Japanese contemporary artists and Japanese artists of the past (with Hokusai, Utamaro and Hiroshige)
    2008/6-10: 6th Triennial [PAPER ART] CHARMEY Museum Switzerland
    270 artists from 31 countries
  • 2008/5: Fukuoka: Produced by Tchiyu Art Hina Aoyama
    2008/4: Art Shanghai 2008 Shanghai, China
    2008/3: Festival du cinema asiatique de DeauvilleFestival du Cinema asiatique de Deauville, selected by the Embassy2008/2: Program for the 150th Anniversary of French-Japanese Exchange [NAC 25th Anniversary ExhibitionJapan Cultural Institute, Paris, France2007/12: Paris: TCHIYU ARTSGroup Exhibition of Japanese Artists Produced by HINA AOYAMA2007/12: Lyon: Festival of Light Fête des LumièresMusee des Miniature2007/11: Art en Capital, Foire D’Art Grand Palais Paris

Media appearances

  • NHK Minna no Uta “Eien no Tobira
    Nippon Television Network Corporation “Future Theater
    Movie “Cirque du Soleil 3D” domestic poster
    Jardin Mysteriuex cutout illustration for the 2019 MIKIMOTO catalog
    Orbis 25th Anniversary “Cleansing Liquid Limited Edition Bottle” Design
    Number II textbook cover Japan
    Introduction in Kazakhstan textbook
    Cover of university textbook in England
    Featured in a textbook for a private elementary school in Brazil
    Kanebo EVITA package collaboration
    Maternal and child health handbook cover for Yokohama City
    JUJU “YOU” album cover, etc.
    Morning Bird TV
    Solomon Style TV
    Shake Your Heart, Senior Rock You TV
  • Mezamashi TV TV
    Sukkiri TV
    Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.
    Tokyo Shimbun
    Asahi Shimbun
    Sankei Shimbun
    Nikkei Newspaper
    Wacoal poster (Kyoto station) for 2 years
    Movie “Byakuya-kou
    Hina Aoyama, You Can Do Lace Paper Cutting, Kadokawa Gakugei Publishing Co.
    FM Yokohama
    Kyoto PORTA Christmas project, media
    Nagoya Midland Square, Christmas project, media, talk show
  • UNIQLO to Launch UT by Kirie Aoyama in the Andersen Series Feb. 22, 2010
    Two-page feature in fashion magazine ELLE
    FRANCE3 TV Lyon editon and Tours editon
    RADIO CITE in Geneva, Switzerland
    Many other newspapers in Switzerland and France
    Design for Albion Cosmetics 2009 Calendar
    Tokyo Midtown Design Touch 2008 Conference Talk and Slide Show
    Logo for Tokyo Midtown 2nd anniversary poster and DM
    Appeared on NHK Tomohiro Sekiguchi First Japanese
    Appeared on TV Tokyo, 100 Japanese who will change the world.
    Appeared on Fuji Television Network’s “Ambiribavo
    TV Asahi Good Morning Call ABC
    Yomiuri TV, Osaka Honwaka TV
    Art Magazine Illustration August issue, 2 pages
  • Art Magazine WEB DESIGNING August Issue 6 Page Feature
    Megumi Tadakawa, author, featured on the cover of “Breathlessly
    Mentioned in catalogs published around the world
    Singapore: PERFECT PAPER from PAGE ONE Publishing




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