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Hina Aoyama

It was all created from a sheet of thin origami-like paper and Hina Aoyama’s scissors.

Let’s dive into the world of lace, which is instantly attracting the attention of fans through collaborative work with famous brands and movies!

Discover the work she has created over the past 20 years and why she has become one of the pioneers of cutout art.

From collaborating with companies, exhibiting in museums around the world, and teaching lace paper cutting lessons, Hina Soyama has shared her passion in many ways since 2000, and is always exploring her creativity to provide more amazing works.

Master Piece

Explanation of paper cutting

An elaborate world created with small scissors and paper that is black on the thin side and white on the back.
The thickness of the lines is about 0.3 mm.
No cutters are used at all.


Best sellers

The store sells original lace cutouts and many other products related to Hina Aoyama lace cutouts.

Paper Cut Lesson Pattern
Paper Cut Kit
Mask Sakura
Ceramic Cup


Let's take a look at some of the lace cutouts she has been creating over the years.



Hina Aoyama's masterpiece, Voltaire, was exhibited at her first solo exhibition when she was living in the city of Ferne. It was the first work to be exhibited in a solo exhibition and sold well when Aoyama was living in the city of Voltaire, and since then it has attracted attention as her representative work.
Aoyama's reason for creating Voltaire was not his writing, but his sympathy for the way of life itself.
Common sense is not so common. By Voltaire
Logo design

Cirque du Soleil

Hollywood movie ``Cirque du Soleil 3D``
Director:James Cameron, Andrew Adamson
The deadline for the Japanese version of the poster was less than a week.
Nevertheless, the poster was delivered without any problem, and Aoyama became the first painter in history to walk the carpet at the Tokyo International Film Festival.
The use of art in the film industry is very rare.
Product design

Evita Kanebo

Used as a package for cosmetics (limited edition)
The cute fruits and the delicate lines of Aoyama create a delicate and elegant package.

Paper Cut in motion


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